My ICAgile Certification Courses coming up

ICAgile Bootcamp (ICP-CAT and ICP-ENT) Dual Certification

This is a dual bootcamp, where students undertake both ICP-CAT followed by ICP-ENT immediately after and receive both certifications.

ICAgile ICP-CAT Coaching Agile Transitions Certification

As part of the advanced ICP-CAT certification, you will gain highly-effective enterprise coaching and large scale facilitation skills required for enterprise agile transitions. We know that purely top-down approaches cause resistance and fail. What we need is active participation and self-organization in solving real business problems. To include everyone, we need facilitation techniques that allow everyone involved in the structure or process, to participate in its co-creation. You will learn the skills and understanding of how to generate alignment, innovation, and clear direction forwards in large groups with diverse opinions, identify and overcome resistance systemically. As well as gaining new tools and techniques for large group coaching in the context of enterprise-wide change.

As part of the advanced ICP-ENT certification, you will gain a deep understanding of agility at the enterprise level by learning the cultural, structural, process and leadership perspectives. The Enterprise Agility Masterclass teaches how organizations become more responsive and more purpose-driven, and the changes an organisation need to go through to be more agile through an interactive deep dive into enterprise agile. We will show you how to design processes with agile in mind engaging marketing, sales and finance for business agility. You will also gain skills, tools and techniques to overcome common dysfunctions like handoffs and waste and how to design a system that supports high-performance, customer focus, and facilitates agility.

Our training is designed by Certified Training from the Back of the Room Trainers using research-backed brain-based adult learning techniques. This bootcamp is delivered by a highly qualified coach trainer with real-world experience of working in agile transformations and agile teams.

May Dates :

Dual Bootcamp Starting 4th May

ICAgile ICP-CAT Coaching at the Enterprise Certification – Starting 4th May

ICAgile ICP-ENT Agility in the Enterprise Certification – Starting 10th May

It’s not the strongest….

It’s the top quote on our website and the first ever of our blog posts. Why?

Quite simply put – its one of the most imprtant quotes you will ever hear in business. WHilst it comes form a science book, it shows the essence of the problems that busioenss face and the solution to their problem.

I used to think when i was younget that my aim was to be theh best … best architect … best designer …. best manager.

Then i wanted to work for the best….. best company in my city…… best telecoms company in the UK

When I ran Product Design for one company, I had a vision to be ‘world class’ in all we did. Now excellence in quality is not a bad thing, but I learnt always pursuing perfection is a false vision.

I realsed that the companies that are most adaptive to change will be the ones that survive.

Thats what i do now – in essence I help people, cultures, companies to change

Work and Life??

It was many years ago, during my training when one of those ‘ah ha’ moments happened.

I was talking to Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of SCRUM, and he said that most of what Agile was, was common sense, and really that there was a load of what we do in Management that has no sense at all really. Like starting off on a journey and never adjusting your drive; never reacting to the changes in environment. It make me realise that much of what we understand – the principles etc can apply to our holistic life. For example:

  • I do an end of year retrospective with my family about how the year has gone (Usually we use the Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
  • When we do a family holiday, we use a backlog of possibilities and vote for the one we want and see how we can get most of the outcomes and value we want in one ‘sprint-holiday’.
  • I advised a lady who was planning to get married in around 5 months after the SCRUM course she took , to create a release plan and have a simple backlog board for all the things she needed to get done for the Big Day, and have a planning meetings every Sunday evening with her partner.

Whenever I talk through these ideas, people start by smiling at me…. oddly….. , but then, I say the following

“If these ideas and techniques work with teams in the office, why not use them with the most important team you are in ….. your family?”


Then the light goes on and the smiles start and people take away something they really want to try. I’ve been blessed with many pieces of feedback from such an idea. One of the best was the bride who sent me photos of her scrumboard every week, and sent me also a picture of the happy day with a note that said \Powered by Scrum’

What about you? have you used any of these techniques at home? On your family? I’d love to hear in the comments