It’s not the strongest….

It’s the top quote on our website and the first ever of our blog posts. Why?

Quite simply put – its one of the most imprtant quotes you will ever hear in business. WHilst it comes form a science book, it shows the essence of the problems that busioenss face and the solution to their problem.

I used to think when i was younget that my aim was to be theh best … best architect … best designer …. best manager.

Then i wanted to work for the best….. best company in my city…… best telecoms company in the UK

When I ran Product Design for one company, I had a vision to be ‘world class’ in all we did. Now excellence in quality is not a bad thing, but I learnt always pursuing perfection is a false vision.

I realsed that the companies that are most adaptive to change will be the ones that survive.

Thats what i do now – in essence I help people, cultures, companies to change